Stephan, King of Hungary, 997-1038

Stephan, King of Hungary, 997-1038

      Sex: M

Individual Information
          Birth: 977 1
          Death: August 15, 1038 Esztergom, Hungary 1
 Cause of Death: 
          AFN #: 

         Father: Géza, King of Magyars, 972-997

Spouses and Children
1. *Gisela of Bavaria
       Marriage: 996 1
                1. Agatha

Also called Saint Stephan his origional name was Vajk, first king of Hungary,
who is considered to be the founder of the Hungarian state and one of the most
reknowned figures in Hungarian history. He was born a pagan but was baptized
and reared as a Christian. After the death of his father Stephan combatted a
pagan insurrection in his domains, decisively defeating the rebels at Veszprém
(998). On Christmas day, 1000, he was annointed King of Hungary. According
to tradition he received from Pope Sylvester II a crown that is now held as a
national treasure in Hungary. His coronation signified Hungary's entry into
the family of European Christian nations. With the exception of an invasion
by the Holy Roman Emperor Conrad II in 1030 and minor disputes with Poland and
Bulgaria, Stephan's reign was peaceful. Stephan organized his kingdom on
German models. He founded bishoprics and abbeys, made the building of
churches mandatory, and established the practice of tithing. He promoted
agriculture, safeguarded private property with strict laws, and organized a
standing army. While a ruling class was created, the institution of slavery
was left virtually untouched. Stephan also opened the country to strong
foreign influences, while saving it from German conquest. He treated the
church as the principal pillar of his authority, dispatching missionaries
throughout his realm. Although Stephan's feast day is September 2, Hungarians
celebrate the translation of his relics to Buda on August 20.


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