Sex: M

Individual Information
          Death: 907 1
 Cause of Death: 
          AFN #: 

Spouses and Children
1. *Unknown
                1. Zsolt

Arpád Dynasty, rulers of Hungary from the late 9th century until 1301, under
whom the Hungarian nation was transformed from a confederation of Magyar
tribes into a powerful state of east central Europe. The dynasty was named
after Arpád who was chosen by seven Magyar tribes to lead them westward from
their dwelling place on the Don River (889). Having crossed the Carpathian
Mountains (c. 896), the Magyars settled on the Pannonian, or Hungarian, Plain
and for the next half century raided their neighbors and collected booty. But
after their defeat by Emperor Otto I (Battle of Lechfeld; Aug 10, 955), they
became less belligerent; during the reign of Géza they established cordial
relationswith the West and acknowledged the authority of their king before the
authority of their chieftains.


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